Government Funded Means You Fund It

“Government-Funded” Programs Do Not Exist

Government funded anything is a misnomer. If the government is paying for it, then YOU are paying for it. Where does the government get it’s money? From taxpayers -v a.k.a. from the Corporation of Y.O.U. And if they can’t pay for something, they’ll either raise taxes, raise the debt ceiling (basically, you tell the company that you have a loan with that you are raising the amount you borrow arbitrarily), or somehow kick the cost down the road to some unknown fountain of money THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

Unlike The Government, You Don’t Spend More Than What You Have

Now, keep in mind that there are some essential functions of government that need taxes to pay for them. But by in large, you really should compare the government to your own spending nature. Whether you’re wealthy or not, everyone can relate to some degree of how much they have, how much they make, AND how much they can spend. And the bottom line is this: you generally can’t spend what you don’t have. Most people do not get that – not the government, though.

And why should the government “get it?” After all, it isn’t THEIR money that they are spending – it’s yours. Your hard earned dollars that you are forced to share a portion with – through income taxes, sales taxes, and even a DEATH TAX. How can you pay to die, and why are you paying to die? That’s so absurd.

Got Pork?

With pork projects that are covertly written into legislation that gets buried in mountains of paperwork (even in a digital society, we somehow STILL have paperwork), most of these laws get overlooked or are placed into law via some sort of bribe/compromise. I.E.: Sen. Johnson will support a plant going to one state, so long as Sen. Smith allows a billion dollar grant to study pig orgasms.

And yeah, similar laws have been written AND are being written ALL. THE. TIME. But I digress…


If we ever expect to have government stop raiding our pocketbooks, we need to be more vigilant in WHO we elect to Congress and Senate. No more “unapposed” seats in no name areas that somehow affect the country. Win or lose in these races, we need to make sure our representatives know we have a watchful eye on them.  Why? Because as for me, I want to keep all or as much of my hard earned money as possible. I know how to spend it better than anyone in DC does.

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