Twitter Communities: Not So Inclusive

Twitter has a major issue when it comes to inclusion. They’ve implemented some new concepts – one of which is #TwitterCommunities.

Several people I know (myself included) have applied to do our own communities, but there’s been a #chinesewall of sorts that have kept us out of the sub-platform.

Seemingly, if you have any point of view that isn’t leftist, liberal, or apolitical, your chances of being a part of any such community is slim to none.

Yes, Twitter has the right to allow or deny any user a voice on any part of their platform, but it sets an inconsistent and dangerous precedent as to promoting free speech. Some content shouldn’t have a voice – I would agree with, but to silence or “shadow ban” content that is merely an opposing viewpoint is flat-out wrong.

If Twitter wants to be seen as a leftist-only platform, then why not just say so. It is deceitful to promote free speech on a platform when you clearly mute or silence all but one side of the viewpoints.

I’ll continue to make my voice heard on this and any other platforms until they shut myself and others like me down. But best believe, if that day comes, you’ll hear it from me, first.

Thoughts on The Kyle Rittenhouse Case

The Kyle Rittenhouse case was marred with inaccuracies. Not so much whether it was self-defense, but that the media kept painting him as a white supremacist. FACT: Only white males were involved in the shooting. So why was race relevant? FACT: The media RARELY (if ever) referred to the race of the men that were shot and/or killed. More to the first point. OPINION: The media wanted to vigorously make this case about race and gun control. Nothing could be further from the truth. Disagree? Let me know why.

America First

If you’re in a plane that’s about to crash, you’re instructed to apply any life-saving equipment to yourself first. Afterwards, save those that you can around you. This should’ve been the policy that was adapted to the #AfghanExit strategy – to get Americans safe first, then work on rescuing as many refugees as possible.

We can (and should) accept those who feel the need to flee their home country – if they felt as if their lives were in danger. But rescuing Americans should’ve been first and THE #TopPriority.

There’s no justifiable reason for rescuing people from a country that we tried to help BEFORE rescuing our own people, first.

Before we can adequately help the world, we need to help #AmericaFirst.

Biden’s Speech Regarding Leaving Afghanistan

I’m not a proponent for #Biden, but I liked how he came to the decision to end the battle in #Afghanistan. We were not accomplishing anything there.

After 20 years and four presidents, it became clear that it was beyond time to get out of there. The #Taliban or some other group would’ve stormed in there and take over, if the Afghan people wouldn’t stand up for themselves.

Biden has many flaws that I do not stand for (nor will tolerate). But on this matter, I give him a pass for today. It shouldn’t have come to this point, but at least the deal was done. Now, we can sit back and watch the aftermath of how his decision will unravel.

COVID Vaccine Shots: Worth It Or Not?

We are late into 2021 and we’re supposed to be done with the coronavirus, or at least closer to done. Yet, our government can’t even seem to get facts straight. Earlier this year, they supposedly found a cure for the vaccine and encouraged everyone to get the shots. I got mine earlier this year, as well as millions of others. Seemingly, it worked…. supposedly. Now, the same government tells us that despite getting the vaccine shot, we need to still wear masks anywhere we go. I got the vaccine shot because I didn’t want to wear a mask, nor get tested ever so often. And it’s painfully frustrating when said government tells you one thing and does another. But this is nothing new – the government is always doing this crap. If the vaccine was to cure the virus and to keep wearing a mask, why do we need to wear a mask now? If you’re vaccinated, it makes no sense. Either the “science” works or it doesn’t. And if it does not, then it was a total lie. Why would I trust anything else the government said regarding the vaccine? I’d really like to know, and I’m not the only one.

Pandemic Madness

Since the outbreak in early 2020, the world has been in a free for all, regarding how to deal with the coronavirus. Some of the methods have not been bad, while others have been downright horrible. As of August 2021, we’re still fighting this worldwide epidemic.

Death Tolls, Vaccines, & Masks

What’s been truly bad beyond the death tolls is the politicization of how we’ve handled it, here in the USA. At this point, I think most people will concede that the virus is real. What we’re still fighting for is how to handle the solutions that are to help us get a hold of this problem. Some would have everyone get a shot and supposedly it would make the issue go away, while others just want to wear a mask  – or nothing at all. As for me, I’ve received the vaccine shot, but it seems like a test of obedience by the powers that be. First, they say to get the shots and you don’t have to wear a mask anymore. Well, I got my shots, and yet I’m still being required to wear a mask in virtually every establishment I go into. Either the vaccine works and there’s no need for a mask, or I was lied to – like so many others.

Finding Answers

At a certain point, you have to say, “enough is enough,” and demand that the government get their facts straight before urging people to take something that’s supposed to work – but doesn’t. Because while no one has all the answers, you need to do all you can to get accurate information as quickly as possible. And if you don’t, people will start to see through the bull, and start to trust you less. I think that’s what the Biden administration is afraid of – not being able to keep a hold of the situation.

Facebook Is Fake Woke

I was originally going to write a longer blog on this subject, but the issue is not worth the time or effort in making. So you’re getting a highly abbreviated version of what I was going to write about. I can’t stand Facebook. It’s been a pain in the butt to be on for some time now. But as of late, the platform has really shown how much of a pompous ass it is. I’ll explain.

How It All Started

A few weeks ago, my cousin made a post on Facebook about how black people should really look into getting therapy – how it was good for your mind. Being my joking self, I chimed in with my own personal experience, but with a pun of sorts, to start with. I said in a reply to his post, “black folk be crazy… too.” and Facebook took the comment down. Facebook cited that it was “hate speech.” Hate speech? Really? Me, a black man, making a comment about my own race – and partly about myself, and it’s hate speech? Facebook is the worst kind of “woke” stupid. And I dare say they are racist, too. They’re racist because not only did they censor my HARMLESS comment, but I can easily point to multiple posts where they do not censor the use of the “N” word. I took screenshots, but I chose not to use them in this post.

Facebook: Never Wrong?

The bottom line is social media outlets like Facebook routinely get it wrong. And when you try to call them out on it, they outright deny that their policy is faulty. They make up some BS jargon of excuses of how they work to make their system better, but they don’t.


At this point, I am really wanting to migrate away from the platform, altogether. I currently use Twitter and Instagram alongside Facebook, but I really want to find a good alternative to Facebook. The problem is most people are on Facebook. And despite their own issues with the platform, they aren’t willing to leave. I think this is one of those times where one has to lead the charge in migrating away from the giant and take a stand against it’s erroneous practices. So I am on the lookout for the next best thing. If there’s an alternative social media platform that you’d recommend, leave me a comment, and I can check it out. Thanks for reading my blog.

I’m Not a Trump Supporter, But…

The Left has been gunning for Trump from the minute he was elected – which is no surprise, but they’ve taken it too far, this time.

Trump has been out of office since Jan. 20th, and still, they’re trying to impeach this guy – even though he’s out of office!!!

What the hell, people?

They’re Zealous For an Impeachment

Democrats have The White House and both sides of Congress. So why are they dilly-dallying around with the impeachment of a former president, when they can be at work on so many other issues – like the economy, COVID, healthcare, etc.? I’ll tell you why. They’re sore winners!

They preached about wanting “unity” for our country, all the while sticking salt in the wounds of voters who didn’t vote for their candidate. They’re out to send a bad message that if you don’t side with the left, they will be out to get you.

They’re Silencing Conservatives

They did it to (then) President Trump, by way of the permanent ban on Twitter, they took down Parler – a newcomer to the social media world, and they’re working to silence many other conservatives.

Mind you, conservatives would’ve tried to impeach a Democratic president on some stupid allegations (and they might, still, when in power), but in my lifetime, I’ve never seen malicious hatred go on for this long, and thus far.

Remember To Vote

The best thing any voter can do right now is to remember all of this and vote when the time comes. There’ll be a midterm election in late 2022. You can send a loud message that this behavior is unacceptable.

Who To Contact

This is even more proof that our political duopoly has major flaws, and we need to work to change the process. But for right now (at least until the midterm election), make your voices heard. contact your representatives via phone, text, mail, social media that this charade needs to end. Let’s get to the business of getting the country back up and running.

But this is just my opinion. Take it or leave it. Let me know how you feel about this impeachment process.

Social Media Nazis: The Thought Police Cracking Down On Conservative Thought

This is a dangerous time to be a conservative. More than ever. Not life threatening, but in a forum where thoughts and ideas generally run free, sites like Google, Apple, and Amazon have taken it upon themselves to use their brand power to silence many conservatives out there.

First, it was Trump

It seemingly started with Twitter making a bold statement and permanently banning Donald Trump. And while a lot of people feel that “The Donald” needed to be muzzled with his comments, the move has raised some eyebrows.

The Shakedown of Parler

LONDON, ENGLAND – JANUARY 09: A general view of the the Parler app icon displayed on an iPhone on January 9, 2021 in London, England. The Parler App popular with right-wing supporters has been suspended from Google’s Play store over continued postings by users that incite violence. US President Donald Trump was suspended indefinitely from Twitter after tweets he made encouraged his supporters to break into the Capitol building and five people died in the ensuing violence. (Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images)

Next (more to why I’m writing this), both Google and Apple have removed the social media app Parler from their respective app stores. For a while, it seemed as if users could still access the site via the web. Then Amazon stepped in and drove the proverbial nail into the service. Can the social media platform rebound from the trifecta takedown? That remains to be seen.

Next, Ron Paul?

And then there was another “mild” takedown of sorts when Facebook decided to limit political pundit Ron Paul’s page.

Post Election Ramp Up

And all of this seems to be happening only a few months after the election, with just days before the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden. The Democrats will have control of the White House and as well as both sides of Congress. So why now? What is there to gain in attempting to silencing differentiating voices?

We Need More (Not Less) Voices

It seems as if it’s not enough to just take control of the executive and legislative branches. The left is on an all-out attack for any idea that is not their own. And this is flat out wrong! We should not be silencing thoughts or opinions, no matter how uncomfortable they are. This country was built on the concept of expressing ideas and exercising personal beliefs. When you silence any of it, you start a downward spiral into outright censorship.

The First Amendment guarantees us the right to free speech, but not to being heard. And yet the problem is that some folks want to do the latter. We should be defending the rights of all to speak or say what’s on his/her mind. It’s in expressing those views that we can learn and grow together.

Defend Those You Disagree With

I personally feel that I grow when I hear others’ opinions that I don’t agree with. It’s when we work to discuss our differences that we can understand one another. We also can see a different point of view. And sometimes, it takes hearing an opposing view point to make you think about what you really think or feel. You can’t do that if there is no opposing viewpoint to hear.

That is why this conservative witch hunt feels so personal to me.

I will defend your right to think and say what you want. All I ask is that you do the same for me. That is what we should be willing to do for one another. This country is supposed to be the land of the free, and we must continually work to preserve that motto.

You may not like Trump, Ron Paul, Rachel Maddow, or whoever out there, but we all should step up and call out any and all that work to silence opinions. Sadly, that is not happening.

The Challenge

Right here and now, I extend a challenge to my conservative and liberal friends to work together and right the wrongs of censorship, when and where it happens. It can’t just happen under vague “violations.” We need to make it plain and clear that censorship is wrong.

But once again, this is just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

Parler’s On The Verge Of a Shutdown, Thanks To Big Tech Companies

I can’t believe the lengths that people are going through just to shut #parler down! Just outright bullying.

Conform, or be silenced.

Google, Apple, Amazon, and others are so big that they can get away with this, and not enough people will bat an eyelash at this – just another RIGHT WING EXTREMIST PLATFORM that no one cares about.

But you gotta ask yourself, “Why are they doing this?”

If you’re a sensible liberal, you really need to ask yourself, If they can do this to a platform like Parler, what’s stopping them from doing it in the future to some other platform?

Big tech companies can’t just arbitrarily shut down companies like these, on the whim. It’s one thing if it wasn’t profitable – but it’s another to do it purely out of spite or political reasons.

I firmly believe that what goes around comes around. If companies continue to behave this way, it’s a matter of time before their practices come home to pay them back, with interest.

Take note of them. Wait and see. Actions such as these usually have consequences. It may take some time for them to come to light. But just wait.