Parler’s On The Verge Of a Shutdown, Thanks To Big Tech Companies

I can’t believe the lengths that people are going through just to shut #parler down! Just outright bullying.

Conform, or be silenced.

Google, Apple, Amazon, and others are so big that they can get away with this, and not enough people will bat an eyelash at this – just another RIGHT WING EXTREMIST PLATFORM that no one cares about.

But you gotta ask yourself, “Why are they doing this?”

If you’re a sensible liberal, you really need to ask yourself, If they can do this to a platform like Parler, what’s stopping them from doing it in the future to some other platform?

Big tech companies can’t just arbitrarily shut down companies like these, on the whim. It’s one thing if it wasn’t profitable – but it’s another to do it purely out of spite or political reasons.

I firmly believe that what goes around comes around. If companies continue to behave this way, it’s a matter of time before their practices come home to pay them back, with interest.

Take note of them. Wait and see. Actions such as these usually have consequences. It may take some time for them to come to light. But just wait.

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