I’m Not a Trump Supporter, But…

The Left has been gunning for Trump from the minute he was elected – which is no surprise, but they’ve taken it too far, this time.

Trump has been out of office since Jan. 20th, and still, they’re trying to impeach this guy – even though he’s out of office!!!

What the hell, people?

They’re Zealous For an Impeachment

Democrats have The White House and both sides of Congress. So why are they dilly-dallying around with the impeachment of a former president, when they can be at work on so many other issues – like the economy, COVID, healthcare, etc.? I’ll tell you why. They’re sore winners!

They preached about wanting “unity” for our country, all the while sticking salt in the wounds of voters who didn’t vote for their candidate. They’re out to send a bad message that if you don’t side with the left, they will be out to get you.

They’re Silencing Conservatives

They did it to (then) President Trump, by way of the permanent ban on Twitter, they took down Parler – a newcomer to the social media world, and they’re working to silence many other conservatives.

Mind you, conservatives would’ve tried to impeach a Democratic president on some stupid allegations (and they might, still, when in power), but in my lifetime, I’ve never seen malicious hatred go on for this long, and thus far.

Remember To Vote

The best thing any voter can do right now is to remember all of this and vote when the time comes. There’ll be a midterm election in late 2022. You can send a loud message that this behavior is unacceptable.

Who To Contact

This is even more proof that our political duopoly has major flaws, and we need to work to change the process. But for right now (at least until the midterm election), make your voices heard. contact your representatives via phone, text, mail, social media that this charade needs to end. Let’s get to the business of getting the country back up and running.

But this is just my opinion. Take it or leave it. Let me know how you feel about this impeachment process.

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